Full Mouth Reconstruction


Millions of Americans are missing teeth, while many more have major cracks, chips, or other problems that negatively impact their appearance. Dr. Bharti believes that every individual has the right to a healthy, beautiful smile. For patients with significant dental health problems, a full mouth reconstruction is the best way to restore an attractive smile. Dr. Bharti is widely considered the best cosmetic dentist for full mouth reconstruction Beverly Hills has to offer. His exclusive Rifkin Method approach to full mouth reconstruction ensures unparalleled outcomes.


Like the name implies, full mouth reconstruction involves complete restoration of teeth on the upper and lower jaw. There are several reasons that patients seek full mouth reconstruction, including:

  • Severe tooth decay leading to loss of teeth
  • Traumatic event causing lost or broken teeth
  • Acid erosion (e.g., from soda or acid reflux) wearing away tooth enamel
  • Problematic bite contributing to severe headaches or jaw pain
  • Tooth grinding, which wears away the enamel of teeth


The process of full mouth reconstruction begins with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Bharti. At this visit, Dr. Bharti conducts a thorough assessment of dental health issues. He uses x-rays as well as physical examination to identify each crack, chip, or flaw in your teeth.

One of Dr. Bharti most unique abilities is his exquisite eye for facial anatomy. He will assess the anatomy of your teeth, lips, jaw, and other facial features to design an outstanding new smile for you. This artistic sensibility is what sets Dr. Bharti apart and has won him numerous awards for his outstanding dental implants.

After this comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Bharti will create an individualized treatment plan for your full mouth reconstruction. This may include tooth extraction, crowns, veneers, or bridges to correct imperfections and replace broken teeth.