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A complete denture is a full-mouth appliance that replaces your natural teeth and supports your cheeks and lips, restoring form and function to your smile.
At DDS Dentures + Implant Solutions, dentures are our main focus and we strive to provide high-quality dentures at a more affordable price. For patients who meet certain criteria, we can even provide same-day dentures

The Denture Procedure

Often, the process of getting beautiful, custom dentures begins with one or more tooth extractions. Next, your dentist will begin the process of creating your new dentures. A conventional denture is fitted after a full-mouth extraction (removal of all teeth) once your gums have healed. In most cases, immediate dentures are created and placed immediately after your extractions, allowing the gums to heal underneath the appliance.

Your dentures can even be anchored to implants (implant-retained dentures) to ensure the dentures fit more securely.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures can replace missing teeth, benefiting both your smile’s appearance and your overall health. You’ll be able to eat and speak better with a set of new dentures than you could with missing teeth.

Missing teeth also cause the muscles in your face to sag, making you appear older. Dentures will support your facial structure, helping you to look younger while retaining the muscle tone in your face, jaw and neck.

DDS Dentures + Implant Solutions Denture Clinic

With conventional denture services, patients must wait for the gums to heal after their full-mouth extraction, going without their new teeth for weeks or even months. That’s why we strive to perform denture services differently.

Same-Day Denture Services

Our process allows most patients to arrive early in the morning to make impressions for your denture, have your extractions done during the day, and receive your dentures by the end of the day. With our DDS All-In-One Solution, you could have an all-new smile in the same day, thanks to our state-of-the-art 3D X-ray technology. This set of teeth, although temporary, locks into place, meaning you can immediately begin the transition from eating softer foods, to eating the foods you want again.

After six months you receive the final denture, which locks into place, making it a long-lasting smile solution that will restore not just your smile, but a higher quality of life. From there, you’ll worry no more about smiling, eating or speaking, meaning you can focus on simply maintaining good oral hygiene to ensure the dentures last for many years to come.